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This page is a personal page for Niels Chr. ├śrgaard (the owner of THANG.DK), linking to various content and social media.

Bits and Pieces for the Jolla/Sailfish platform, generally made or collected by me.

  • Lightfish - LIFX app for Jolla

My LinkedIn profile

Professional experiences, skills and expertice.

A brief summery of my professional life for those thus interested.

My YouTube channel

Occassional content, as-and-when I need to share a video for any odd reason.

More likely to have techinal and/or gaming-related videos, than actually anything interesting.

Gaming. Entertainment. YouTube.

Mini-site for gaming and other entertainment sources.

Articles, Opinion-pieces, Videos etc, by myself, Bamm Havoc and others...

Online tool for creating and maintaining Fittings for the game Dust514® from CCP Games®.

Home of the TryHardinator and the Stomp-o-Meter for Dust514®.

Note: Following the events at EVE Fanfest in May 2014, this tool is no longer actively maintained.

My GitHub page

  • Lightfish sources<
  • LIFX Menu app for OSX (FORK)
  • LIFX Python API (FORK)

    Various source-code bit and pieces that I've been involved in for various reasons, or simply fork'd because it looked me.

  • My PSN profile

    My Instagram photos